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Back pain when you run? Here are 3 exercises suggested by a physiotherapist

If you suffer from back pain while running, a physiotherapist has shared three exercises to help reduce it.

On the street, in the forest or even indoors... Running can be done anywhere and with a minimum of equipment. A pair of suitable sneakers, comfortable sportswear and you're ready to start this activity. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner, running has many benefits, including keeping fit, improving your cardiovascular endurance or being practiced as part of weight loss .

However, while you are doing your strides, pain can occur and spoil this moment of pleasure. If we easily think of the ankles or knees, with in particular the windshield wiper syndrome , another part of the body can also suffer from this intense activity: it is back pain. But then, what can be done to avoid it?

On the social network Instagram, Quentin Soumet, also known under the , shares a series of exercises to integrate into your daily life. The physiotherapist, specialized in running, is used to sharing with his community of more than 93,800 people tips for improving your running and reducing the risk of injury . This time, he is focusing on back pain.

Back pain while running: 3 exercises to relieve it, according to a physiotherapist

On the social network Instagram, the physiotherapist therefore delivers a series of 3 exercises to do to reduce back pain when running:

The frog position rotation

To perform this exercise, kneel with your legs apart and your buttocks back. Place your right hand on the floor at knee height. Then, extend your left arm backwards, raising your hand, your gaze following the movement of your hand. Then, place your right hand back on the floor at shoulder level. Repeat the same exercise on the other side.

The cobra

To perform this exercise, lie flat on your stomach on the floor with your legs straight. Place your hands at shoulder level and raise your upper body by pushing on your arms. Raise your head and tilt it back. Hold the posture for a few seconds, then lie down again.

Flexion rotation

For this exercise, kneel with your legs apart, your right arm extended and your hand on the floor. Pass your left arm under your right arm, reaching out and rotating your torso slightly. Repeat on the other side.

In case of recurring pain, do not hesitate to consult a healthcare professional for appropriate treatment.

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