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Can Rosacea Be Cured? A Dermatologist's Advice

This is the question that all patients who suffer from rosacea ask themselves: can I cure it? Dermatologist Marc Perrussel answers it.

In the collective imagination, rosacea (having the face redden and heat up after a meal) is linked to excessive alcohol consumption. This preconceived idea has a hard core and dates from the time of the coachmen, when they waited for their masters in the wind and the cold, with a bottle of red wine to warm up. These men were often physically marked: with reddened skin, a red “potato” nose, sometimes pustules on the face… But in reality, rosacea is not directly linked to alcohol (although it is is one of the elements that promote flare-ups), it is of genetic origin. Dermatologist Marc Perrussel answers the question that all patients ask: can rosacea be cured ?

Who is affected by rosacea?

Rosacea affects 2 to 3% of the adult population. It mainly affects people aged 30 to 60 and affects women twice as often as men,” explains . The dermatologist adds that people with fair skin are more prone to it.

The dermatologist explains that it manifests itself by breakouts that look like acne , red eruptions that reveal blood vessels on the face. “It’s a painful disease. It is broken down into three stages: first that of “flushes”, congestive flare-ups in the face, then secondly, the vessels remain dilated , we can see the erythro rosacea stage, and finally, the stage of pustular outbreak.”

Can we cure this pathology?

“Rosacea is a disease that cannot be cured, but which can, and must, be treated from the earliest stage, in order to limit its impact and its development,” notes Marc Perrussel.

Therapy depends on the stage of the disease . “But the goal is to calm the inflammation .” If you are prone to flushing, the doctor suggests creams, which have a vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory effect. There are also specific moisturizing creams for fragile and sensitive skin. When you suffer from rosacea , it is also very important to protect yourself from the sun with a sunscreen.

When the blood vessels stagnate on the face and redness sets in, then a vascular laser is used to destroy them . “It does not cause damage to the skin, they are vessels that serve no purpose. Studies also highlight that this intervention can limit the progression of the disease . When the pustular phase is reached, treatment with tetracycline over a long period of time (around 6 months) can help to calm the inflammation.

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