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Can you wear nail polish while pregnant? A gynecologist answers

When you become pregnant, many questions resonate within you. Can I eat this food? Why do I have this or that food craving? But while these questions often concern food, they can also arise in the bathroom. Can we really use all our nail polish while pregnant?

While smoking, alcohol and raw fish are all prohibited during pregnancy, some beauty products are also not recommended by gynecologists. But what about nail polish? Is it possible to succumb to a new, trendy manicure when you're expecting a child? Odile Bagot, obstetrician-gynecologist and author of "Endocrine Disruptors: War is Declared!" puts an end to our questions.

Nail polish, semi-permanent: can a pregnant woman wear nail polish?

"You have to be minimalist in your daily hygiene as well as in the cosmetics you use," the doctor reminds us. During pregnancy, you have to know how to be content with the minimum and therefore "use what is essential " notes the doctor. Just like hair coloring, applying nail polish while pregnant is not recommended during these nine months, especially during the first trimester. "When applying nail polish, in a salon or at home, you inhale certain toxic volatile components such as phthalates, considered endocrine disruptors." Moreover, "certain endocrine disruptors prevent the action of iodine and the production of thyroid hormones which will ensure the proper development of the child's brain" support Laboratoires Téane, experts in organic care for pregnant women.


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