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Cognicare Pro Reviews 2024 | Benefits, Efficacy & WARNINGS

Every day, Millions of people around the globe look for an edge in their daily lives, or for help with a mental health issue–without having to rely on dangerous pharmaceuticals. Among those supplement users, many are turning to Nootropics for ADHD and even for an extra mental jolt before workouts.

A brand-new entry on the Nootropics scene is Cognicare Pro. By formulating a supplement with ingredients on the cutting-edge of scientific research, you can benefit from all that Nootropics have to offer.

What Makes Cognicare Pro Different

Founded in Ireland, the people behind Cognicare Pro had been researching Nootropics for years, curating an ingredient list that doesn’t have any filler. Their focus is on a product that works to stimulate wellness from the neck-down.

As such, their formula has specific doses of each compound, meaning you get as much as you need for good effect, without having to pay extra for useless doses. Having spent years myself researching supplements and educating people about fitness, I’m gratified to see such a rigorously investigated formula in a Nootropic.

My Video Review of Cognicare Pro Benefits of Cognicare Pro

Cognicare Pro aims to help anyone looking for better focus, less anxiety, and improved mental energy. If you’re trying to increase your mental focus, get rid of brain fog or simply concentrate longer, Cognicare Pro is a great addition to your current regimen.


Improved Focus

Modern human attention span is plummeting. If you’ve felt it harder and harder to focus throughout the work day, you’re not alone. And you don’t have to take it lying down. Ingredients like Bacopa Moniker and Lutein can help keep your brain switched on.

 Balanced Mood

Pharmaceutical companies spend millions on advertising, and raking in billions to convince us we need possibly dangerous psychotropic drugs. With Cognicare Pro, you get the all-natural and side-effect free benefits of a more stable mood from L-Theanine, a concentrate of the calming compound in green tea, and L-Tyrosine, an amino acid missing from many diets.

Better Memory

Herbal remedies and plant derivatives like Resveratrol have been linked to Alzheimer’s prevention because of how well they “scrub” the damage done to our brains from modern living. By combining that with other proven memory enhancers like Oat Straw, Cognicare Pro has formed an exacting product with great results.

Ingredients and Evidence

Lutein (from Marigold Extract)

Originally thought only to affect eyesight, new data demonstrate that Lutein helps our brains process the visual world better, too. And because our visual brain center is so closely related to our memory, learning, and verbal skills, Lutein is able to improve all those areas as well. This makes Cognicare Pro an excellent option for students or people in high-stake businesses.

Zeaxanthin (from Marigold Extract)

In the years when Lutein was only just being understood, it was often extracted from plants by itself. But recent research has shown that recombining Lutein with Zeaxanthin significantly increases the benefits of both. This can really give your workouts the hand-eye coordination edge you’ve been looking for.

Bacopa Monnieri

Used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, modern science has found that this plant can result in statistically significantly higher scores in focus, memory, and performance, which is great news for anyone looking for help with ADHD or any cognitive performance aid.


Hard to say, but easy to find in the best Nootropics, Cognicare Pro includes it for brain tissue protection and restoration. Brain scans have found that this powerful antioxidant can not only protect brain-cells from the effects of aging, but even reverse the damage that’s already been done, great news for all of us as we age.


When you read about how drinking red wine is “healthy,” it’s because of Resveratrol. It can increase blood flow to the brain and even protect individual neurons during aging.


L-Theanine is an essential amino acid that Japanese researchers have demonstrated helps improve every marker of cognitive health. This is because it results in significantly higher Theta-Brain Waves, and because it offers superior protection against body-toxins in the brain.


Another amino-acid that some diets may not contain enough of, researchers are just now learning how important it is. Not only can it improve our brain-body reaction times, but it can even help keep us calm under high-stress situations as we might experience in loud work environments or around heavy machinery.


Choline, and its derivative form acetylcholine (ACh), is the primary “trigger” for all nerve-to-cell interaction. Alpha-GPC is on the cutting edge of better, more bioavailable, and faster-acting Choline for improved mental facilities.

Oat Straw

Also referred to as Avena Sativa, Oat Straw extract has been proven in laboratory settings to result in better attention and better short term memory. Another experiment found that Oat Straw improves short term memory and recall, with fewer errors.

Cat’s Claw

A traditional Amazonian medicine, Cat’s Claw can physically detangle protein clusters in the brain that lead to Alzheimer’s. This makes it a powerful preventative step toward potentially averting a terrible disease, but improving your mental agility in the here and now.

Vitamin B Complex (B1, B6, B7, and B12)

The Vitamin B family is absolutely essential for optimal brain-body performance, whether you’re looking for a preworkout supplement or help with focus at work. Vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to serious illness, and Thiamine (B1) deficiency can lead to one of the scariest causes of death known to medicine.


This all-natural product is simply the trade name for a naturally occurring compound from cocoa beans, containing mainly Theobromine and Caffeine. The first helps mammals build their neural pathways, resulting in much better cognitive test results, and these results are even higher when in combination with light, natural caffeine.


Another trade name, this time for a natural derivative of caffeinated plants like yerba mate and coffee bean, its chemical name is Methylliberine. In clinical trials it has been demonstrated to be an effective and safe alternative to the energy jolt from pure caffeine, providing all the same drive and focus with none of the jitters.

Final Verdict

I’m passionate about two things: fitness and education. I won’t ever recommend a product that doesn’t have scientific research and proven results. Cognicare Pro is a company on the crest of a moving wave in Nootropics research, and they can help any type of person who’s considered a supplement for cognitive performance. 

With no side effects and a mountain of evidence at their back, Cognicare Pro can help you be the faster-thinking, more focused, and higher-energy version of you that already know is inside.




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