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Femme Actuelle and Croq'kilos launch their special menopause symptoms

Do you want to embark on a dietary rebalancing adapted to your needs? Femme Actuelle and Croq'kilos have launched their special menopause symptoms program, with tailor-made menus.

Have you already tried a multitude of diets to lose weight, but nothing works? We can't repeat it enough: there's nothing like a healthy diet coupled with regular physical activity to take care of your health and your figure. If you are tempted by a tailor-made dietary rebalancing but you don't know how to go about it, the Croq'kilos method can be an interesting option.

This slimming method developed by dietitians offers shopping lists, dietary advice, more than 5,000 recipes, but above all menus adapted to your needs. Menus without pork, vegetarian, low budget or even without cooking... There is something for everyone! And for even more personalization, Croq'kilos by Femme Actuelle now offers a special menopause symptoms .

What is the Croq'kilos by Femme Actuelle menopause program?

How to lose weight after 50? This question is shared by many women. And for good reason: among the inconveniences of menopause symptoms , we find hot flashes , night sweats, vaginal dryness, but also weight gain. This is due to an increase in fatty tissue as well as a decrease in muscle mass.



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