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Get back in Shape With Home Fitness

Get back in Shape With Home Fitness

What is home fitness?

Back in shape with home fitness has established itself in recent years as one of the favorite activities of many French people. A study carried out in 2017 by the Ipsos institute revealed that nearly 35% of our compatriots had practiced it at least once in the last 12 months (1).

No need to subscribe to a gym to benefit from its many benefits. Home fitness, or home fitness, will allow you to work your entire body in the comfort of your home.

Accessible to everyone, fitness brings together a varied set of physical exercises, ranging from cardio to gentle weight training, including stretching, abs and buttocks, step or zumba. Its objective is simple: to improve the overall fitness of practitioners and promote their well-being. For a limited investment, home fitness allows, among other cardio devices, to benefit from the benefits of the exercise bike , a practice which has attracted many fans in recent years.

What are the health benefits of home fitness?

The advantage of home fitness lies in the diversity of the activities offered. It will offer everyone the opportunity to take care of their body, taking into account age and physical condition.

Take care of your heart

Like any moderate-intensity sporting activity, fitness quickly improves cardiovascular endurance and the quality of breathing function. Blood circulation also finds a valuable ally. Exercising your body from home is therefore an excellent means of prevention against certain diseases, primarily heart attacks, strokes and certain cancers, but also type 1 or 2 diabetes. The only condition to benefit from these benefits? Practice home fitness regularly, during sessions lasting more than 30 minutes.

Regular and moderate efforts carried out on an exercise bike allow you to improve your heart capacity better than any other practice.

Work all your muscles

The variety of fitness exercises is very interesting when you want to work all of your muscles or, on the contrary, a specific muscle group. Abs repetitions, to be performed on a floor mat while paying attention to the position of your back, are ideal for strengthening the abdominal core. The gluteal abs will quickly strengthen your posterior muscles. Series of squats are very effective for developing the shoulders, Back in shape with home fitness and triceps. And to deeply strengthen your muscles, there is nothing better than core exercises. They will therefore allow you to obtain a better posture and promote the good location of your visceral organs.The ideal machine to work all of your muscles in one session? The exercise bike, which uses almost 80% of the muscle groups in your body. The list includes the quadriceps and hamstrings, abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, and all three bundles of the calf.

Burn your fat and regain your morale

If practiced regularly, your exercise bike sessions will help burn calories stored throughout the day, then burn stored fat. At a moderate pace, the exercise bike burns on average 400 kcal, 620 kcal at a vigorous pace and 750 kcal at a steady pace. Ultimately, it will help you gradually lose weight, a major factor in preventing certain diseases. And something to put a smile on your face if one of your goals is to find a slimmer figure! Home fitness also promotes the release of specific hormones, endorphins, Back in shape with home fitness, known to be very effective against the blues and depression. At the end of your session, a few stretching exercises will help to relax your muscles and release your tension. And remember, practicing home fitness only requires limited equipment: a floor mat, a pair of dumbbells, a few elastics, a chair, and ideally an exercise bike.

Enough to encourage you to take action to be in shape all year round!

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