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How Do You Trigger Your Period?

Wellness, vitamins, home-grown plants: discover all our tips for triggering your periods naturally and so that their arrival does not come as a surprise.

Triggering your periods by taking care of yourself

Do you have irregular periods or are they slow to arrive? That doesn't have to worry you. Stress and anxiety are among the common causes of late rules or irregularities. So here are some tips to reduce stress and trigger your periods by taking care of yourself:

  • Take a warm bath: the heat combined with the feeling of well-being can act on your body and promote the onset of your periods.

  • Take some time for yourself if possible and be careful.

  • Try a few meditation exercises

  • Regulate your physical activity: slow down if you do intense close-up workouts, and start doing physical activity at least once a week if you don’t do it at all.

Also prepare yourself psychologically by slipping an Always Ultra Sensitive towel into your bag so you don't get caught off guard when they arrive.

Triggering your periods with emmenagogues

Emmenagogues are plants known to regulate or induce menstruation: they stimulate blood flow in the pelvic pelvis and uterus. Among them are pouliot mint, sage and angelica. You can consume them in infusions, as food supplements or as essential oils. Also note that turmeric and fresh parsley are also home-grown plants, to sprinkle, at your choice, on your dishes or salads without moderation.

Which vitamins should you prefer to trigger your periods?

To get your period started quickly, increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin C (such as guava, kiwi, citrus fruit or cabbage). In some women, vitamin C may cause the uterus to contract and, with it, promote the onset of menstruation.

Also, don’t underestimate the importance of getting enough vitamin D! Deficiency of this vitamin may promote depression, which in turn may lead to delayed triggering your periods or amenorrhea. Daily exposure to the sun and consumption of herring, salmon, cod liver oil, dark chocolate, eggs and mushrooms are recommended.

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