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How to lose thighs? Our 5 best exercises!

Along with tummy and buttocks, thigh and leg fat is probably one of the areas you'd most like to get rid of. With a minimum of physical 5 best exercises and a few simple daily gestures, you'll undoubtedly be able to get rid of it. Déborah, l'Orange bleue coach, explains how to lose thighs through sport and shares her tips with you.

What exercises can I do to lose thighs quickly? What exercises should I do to build up my thighs?

To target the fat (or cellulite) stored on your thighs, you'll need to do a complete workout that combines cardio sequences and muscle-strengthening work. Follow the advice of Déborah, your L'Orange bleue coach, and incorporate these 5 best exercises into your sessions:

1 - Squats

A fundamental part of every sport. The squat will help you sculpt your legs while at the same time stimulating your abdominal muscles. Although this type of exercise burns calories and fat, the primary objective is not to lose weight. Squats will essentially serve to sculpt your leg and buttock muscles.

Coach's advice: If you want to slim down your figure, we advise you to work on your muscular endurance. This will involve doing lots of repetitions per set. For example, you can start with 15 and 20 reps per set.

Coach's advice: Add weight for a little more difficulty! Remember to use the small equipment available at your Orange bleue gym to spice up your workout.

Results guaranteed!

2 - Lunges

Lunges are a formidable (and dreaded) 5 best exercises for all those who aspire to slimness and want to tone their thighs. This movement works all the muscles of the leg, as well as the buttocks. It'll help you melt away cellulite in this part of the body and shape your figure.

Coach's tip: You'll quickly feel a burning sensation after a few sets: it's a sign that your muscles are working, and that's what we want!

3 - The leg curl

Leg curls will help you strengthen your lower-body muscles. By moving each leg, you'll quickly notice the effect of this movement, which involves the thighs, hips and buttocks. The results? It's the ideal exercise to say goodbye to cellulite! They target the back of the thigh.

Coach's tip: You can start with 15 and 20 repetitions per set.

4 - Leg extension

Leg extensions are done with a very specific machine that will target the front of the thighs.

Coach's advice: You can start with 15 and 20 repetitions per set. If you need help using the machine, call on your l'Orange bleue coach!

5 - Sumo squat

The squat is a very complete polyarticular movement. It has several variations, including the Sumo squat, which targets the adductors (the muscles on the inside of your thigh). The results? This exercise will help you target fat and cellulite loss in this area.

Coach's tip: You can make the exercise even more difficult (and therefore effective) by using weights (dumbbells or a loaded bar). This little piece of equipment will boost your practice!

Which sports can help you lose thighs?

Cardio: perfect for beginners

This will help you lose weight and unwanted kilos, while increasing your respiratory capacity to improve your performance in future sessions. Step and Yako Baila are excellent for working your cardio while having fun!

Running (treadmill or outdoor)

We recommend treadmills to get your heart rate up.


We recommend the rowing machine, a very complete 5 best exercises to boost your endurance. With the bending exercise, you'll lose fat from your thighs.

Stairs (outdoor or indoor climber)

Stairs are the perfect way to work all your leg muscles (calves, thighs, buttocks).

Strength training

To slim down your thighs, you'll need to do a bit of muscle strengthening on your legs, as well as a few thigh-slimming exercises. You can use machines such as leg extension, leg curl and leg press.

YAKO or CAF (thigh-abdo-buttocks) group classes

If you find it hard to motivate yourself, join a thigh/abdomen/buttock (or CAF) class to slim your legs and target thigh fat. For 45 minutes, your l'Orange bleue coach will take you through a series of 5 best exercises to slim and sculpt your thighs. He'll make sure you perform the movements correctly.

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