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How to Reduce Hips, Back and Stomach?

Updated: Apr 27

How to Reduce Hips, Back and Stomach
How to Reduce Hips, Back and Stomach

Whether we are a man or a woman, Reduce Hips many of us find our bulges unsightly and we would like to see them disappear. These small or large pieces of fat that protrude from the jeans, which make us feel puffy, and which we would happily do without.

Good news, with a little effort, in terms of food and exercise, and regularity, you will succeed in erasing them relatively quickly.

How to do it ?

The bulges are due to the fat mass which is stored between the skin and the muscles. Back bulges affect men more easily. At the hip level, we are talking about love handles, and further down, Reduce Hips , saddlebags which can be due to hormones, or to each person's body shape. In terms of the stomach, there are several causes, including excess sugar and lack of muscle strengthening of the abdominals.

Whatever area you want to target, don't forget that your dietary changes will have the effect of making you lose all excess fat overall. Your dietary rebalancing will not only erase the bulges in the back or stomach, it is impossible.

The exercises proposed below aim to firm up the targeted area, in order to refine and smooth it. Combining cardio sport, muscle strengthening and diet is the winning trio. A muscular exercise does not make the anatomical area of ​​the muscle used lose weight, it makes the entire adipose tissue lose weight. On the other hand, the overlying adipose tissue is more drained, the skin is smoothed and you thus lose centimeters.

For cardio, all sports are good. The preferred sport will be jumping rope, super draining, very cardio in a short time. But above all, practice what you like, in order to last over time.

Lose hip bulges

You will mainly need to strengthen the obliques and glutes. Your best ally will be the stairs. Forget the elevator! At the gym, you can schedule sessions on the stairmaster, this machine is formidable.

Without equipment, here are other exercises to do at home;


Squats are very complete, they work the glutes and the muscles of the lower limbs. They can be carried out with weights, or with simple body weight. The squat, in addition to erasing the bulges of the Reduce Hips , allows you to refine and shape the legs. The quadriceps being very large and therefore energy consuming, it also helps burn calories.


Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, your toes slightly outward and your arms extended in front of you, bend your legs while inhaling and pushing your buttocks back until your thighs are parallel to the floor as to squat. Get up slowly and with a breath to return to the initial position.

Oblique sheathing

Lying on your side on the ground, leg one on top of the other, elbow or hand supported, you raise the pelvis, so that the leg - pelvis - trunk segment is perfectly aligned. Hold it for about 30 seconds. Switch sides.

Mountain climbers

From the plank position, bring your knees forward toward your elbows, one at a time, as quickly as possible.

Lose belly fat And Reduce Hips

To do this, you will need to strengthen the deep abdominals. Remember to always stand up straight, to begin with, whether standing or sitting.

The board

This is the ultimate core exercise For Reduce Hips: place your palms on the ground, as well as your feet, then lift your body using the strength of your arms. The legs are tense. The back should be straight, the buttocks and neck in line with the spine. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds, remembering to breathe.

Russian twists

Sitting on your buttocks, knees bent and feet on the floor, place your back straight. Turn your torso and hands to one side, then gently to the other, with a ball for stability, or nothing at all if you don't have one. Increase the difficulty by lifting your feet off the ground.

Lose back bulges

There are few exercises that target the back.

Balloon sheathing

It increases the efficiency of traditional sheathing. On the back, the elbows are placed on the ground, the chest and buttocks are raised and aligned while the feet rest on the ball. This exercise will work the abdominals and lower back muscles.

Strengthening the back and obliques

Hold a 1 kg weight in each hand. Standing with your legs slightly apart and your torso straight, start by lowering your right hand along your right thigh, towards your foot, then raise your arm to return to the starting position. Repeat this movement alternating right and left for about a minute. You can do up to 5 sets.

Anti-bulge power supply

In terms of diet, generally speaking for these three areas, avoid eating pastries and cakes, sweet treats, limit starchy foods and white bread, Reduce Hips, without banishing them.

Favor whole-grain starchy foods. Avoid overly salty dishes, because salt is responsible for water retention and cellulite. Eat more vegetables, the choice is endless! Eat them raw, pureed, in soup, steamed, as you wish, limiting the fat.

Eat fish or meat, preferably defatted by cooking in foil, steamed, grilled but with little or no fat.

Don't go without eating fruits, those of your choice, preferably raw and fresh rather than cooked into compote or mixed into a smoothie. Above all, by following these tips, eat your fill and do not hesitate to consult a specialist.



Unknown member
Apr 24

I appreciate the positivity and encouragement woven throughout this blog. It's a reminder that health is a journey, and every step counts towards a happier, healthier life.


Unknown member
Apr 24

As someone who's struggled with body image issues in the past, I appreciate how inclusive and body-positive this website is. It's refreshing to see a fitness community that celebrates all shapes and sizes. Keep spreading the positivity!


Unknown member
Apr 24

he content on 'judgeyourhealth' is not only informative but also motivational. Reading success stories and expert advice keeps me inspired and motivated to prioritize my health every day. Thank you for the constant encouragement!

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