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How to shave your bikini line?

Don't rush in, bikini line shave in hand and head down, and follow these first tips instead:

  • Determine the area to be shaved (the whole area, just the hairs protruding from your bikini line, or in between).

  • Trim any hairs that are too long (to a length of around 0.5 cm, to avoid them getting caught in your razor).

  • Equip yourself with an efficient multi-blade razor, such as the Venus Swirl fine-blade razor, for an impeccable shave!

  • Don't forget your shaving gel or foaming soap.

Step-by-step bikini shaving

It's easiest to shave your bikini line in the shower. The skin and hair should be moistened with warm water for about 3 minutes. Alternatively, leave a damp washcloth on the area to be shaved for a few minutes.

Then apply a shaving gel such as Satin Care Sensitive Skin. This will ease the passage of the razor and minimize the risk of cuts.

Gently stretch your skin before shaving slowly, without applying pressure. We recommend you shave in the direction of hair growth, then possibly diagonally to eliminate rougher areas. Never shave against the grain, to avoid skin irritation.

Rinse from time to time during shaving, to check progress, and add shaving gel if necessary. Do not shave more than twice over the same area of skin, as this may cause irritation.

Finish by rinsing with cold water. Gently pat dry with a towel and, above all, moisturize! Applying a moisturizing cream will reduce itching, not only when you get out of the shower, but also in the days following shaving.

Bonus for a perfect bikini line shave

To give yourself the best possible shave, exfoliate your skin regularly. By eliminating dead skin cells, you'll reduce the risk of ingrown hairs!

Clean your razor; don't leave it in the shower to avoid rust: rinse it and put it away once it's dry.

Change razors and blades regularly. Don't share your razor, to avoid transmitting bacteria or viruses.

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