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Men's bodybuilding program

What is the goal in bodybuilding: lean, mass gain or lean muscle? There is no bad bodybuilding program for men, it's just that you shouldn't  get the wrong objective  !

Other factors count such as the duration of the training, the number of repetitions to do in each session to progress, which loads to choose depending on the level or objective.

So many questions to ask yourself to get off to a good start with a program and be sure to dose the intensity and recovery times correctly. Basically, almost all of us are looking to  gain muscle . Then, to take a step forward, either you decide to gain mass, or you go dry.

How do you know if you need to bulk up, gain lean muscle or dry out?

Gaining mass means gaining muscle mass even if it means also gaining a little fat mass. This is an objective reserved either for  very thin men (ectomorphs) , or for already muscular bodybuilding program who want to take things to the next level.

If you are not in these two cases, you risk gaining too much fat with a mass gain program.

When in doubt, always choose the “lean muscle gain” or lean mass gain goal.

Gaining lean muscle means  developing quality muscle  without fat.


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