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Outdoor yoga: you with Mother Nature

One of the many benefits of yoga is that you can practice anywhere. And it turns out that practicing Outdoor yoga enhances your learning in a completely different way than in-studio sessions. Observing nature, such as organic patterns in tree branches and leaves, increases waking relaxation . But also internal concentration , these are two important factors of a rewarding yoga session . 

Grass, countryside, forest, sea or mountain landscapes are all part of our primitive world. It is in this nature that we feel most at home. While a hike will have its own benefits, practicing yoga outdoors can turn a routine into a beautiful experience . 

Good reasons to practice yoga outdoors

Improve your concentration and reconnect with nature and your interior

Being in the middle of nature, Outdoor yoga, surrounded by the chirping of birds, the wind, the sea allows us to awaken all our senses . The gaze looks further, perceives the natural colors. Hearing can pick up the singing of birds and the breeze blowing around us bringing sweet scents. the skin absorbs natural heat from the sun's rays.

Spending time outdoors reduces the level of cortisol , the stress hormone. With lower stress levels, it is much easier to relax and then achieve a deeper state of relaxation . Getting outside and taking a deep breath of fresh air is a natural process. Because when working on your respiratory awareness , you should simply remember that trees inhale as we exhale. We are a natural part of the photosynthesis process, and that's just awesome.

With these senses awakened , we can, without distractions, be more present in life in each moment.

Top up your dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for stronger bones. Limited exposure to sunlight is directly linked to low levels of vitamin D. A deficiency could lead to health risks such as heart risks or depression. It's common for vitamin D levels to decline during the fall and winter months, so as soon as the sun is out, get the essential, all-natural source of vitamin D.

Whenever you can, you should practice Outdoor yoga outdoors and fill your vitamin D quota. So grab your yoga mats , it's time to get out and do your asanas outside!



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