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Ozempic Weight Loss Injection: Overview, How It Works, and Side Effects?

The drug Ozempic Weight Loss Injection with the active ingredient semaglutide is described by some media as a miracle cure for weight loss. However, it is actually a drug that has been approved for type 2 diabetes patients. Ozempic Injection also requires a prescription - users cannot legally purchase the product in Germany without a prescription. Nevertheless, there are numerous dubious offers for over-the-counter Ozempic®. Dangerous: the preparations on offer are not subject to medical supervision and are associated with increased health risks and side effects. Read here why you should not buy Ozempic Solutions without a prescription.

What is Ozempic Weight Loss Solutions?

Medication for the treatment of diabetes - Ozempic Weight Loss Injection is a medicine that doctors prescribe to patients with type 2 diabetes. It contains the active ingredient semaglutide, a substance that regulates appetite and reduces insulin production. It also slows down the emptying of the stomach.

Ozempic can help to control blood sugar levels and alleviate diabetes symptoms.

Ozempic was advertised on social media as an appetite suppressant and weight loss medication - creating a real hype. But beware: using Ozempic without medical reasons can have dangerous consequences. For one thing, the effect on people without diabetes has not been sufficiently tested. Secondly, there are repeated supply bottlenecks for patients who urgently need the drug to treat chronic diabetes.

If you suffer from obesity or severe overweight with weight-related concomitant diseases, drug therapy is possible via an online medical practice such as ZAVA. Fill out our short medical questionnaire - after evaluating the results, you will receive an individual treatment recommendation from our doctors. At ZAVA, you cannot request a prescription for Ozempic for the treatment of obesity or severe overweight. However, if support with medication is an option, patients will receive a prescription for a suitable weight loss medication.

Is Ozempic available without a prescription in the USA?

No - you cannot order or buy Ozempic without a prescription. The medication requires a prescription and is only available with a doctor's prescription.

Neither brick-and-mortar pharmacies nor online pharmacies are allowed to dispense the drug for the treatment of diabetes without a valid prescription. If they do so anyway, they are in breach of the Medicines Act. In this case, there is a risk of severe penalties.

Buying Ozempic without a prescription - is that a criminal offense?

Yes, it is illegal to buy Ozempic without a doctor's prescription - regardless of whether the store or pharmacy is based in Germany or abroad.

Why does Ozempic Weight Loss require a prescription?

Medical consultation necessary to rule out contraindications - Ozempic Weight Loss is not available over the counter. The reason for this is that the drug can have side effects and cause interactions with other preparations. It is also not suitable for every user.

Ozempic works in a similar way to the hormone GLP-1, which has a considerable influence on the metabolism. Before using Ozempic or semaglutide, it is therefore essential to consult a doctor. Ozempic® is not a miracle injection for losing weight, but is only approved for patients with type 2 diabetes.

The doctor treating you will decide whether the medication is suitable for you based on your symptoms and other possible pre-existing conditions. This ensures that Ozempic® is safe to use and that you receive all the information you need.

Is Ozempic Injection available over the counter abroad?

No - It is not possible to buy Ozempic Weight Loss without a doctor's prescription in any EU country. The medicine is also not available in Switzerland without a prescription.

However, you can legally order Ozempic from a certified online pharmacy in another European country if you have a valid doctor's prescription.

Some foreign mail-order pharmacies are allowed to deliver medicines to Germany if they comply with national regulations. Currently

  • Iceland

  • Sweden (only prescription-only preparations)

  • the Netherlands (if there is a retail pharmacy)

  • Great Britain and

  • Czech Republic (over-the-counter medicines only)

an official permit for shipping to the United States.

For more information on shipping medicines to Germany, please visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Online doctor - the legal alternative if you want to lose weight

At ZAVA you can confidentially and securely request a prescription for various medications for severe overweight and obesity.

You fill out a short online questionnaire in which you provide a few details about your weight and general state of health. If one of the prescription drugs is suitable for you, one of our doctors at ZAVA will issue a prescription for it. You then have the option of having this filled at a pharmacy near you or online and having the medication delivered to your home by post.

What alternatives are there to Ozempic Weight Loss?

It is possible to switch to the active ingredient liraglutide in cases of obesity and severe overweight with concomitant diseases. This is contained in the drug Saxenda, for example. Like Ozempic Weight Loss, Saxenda is also available as a pre-filled pen, which users can use to inject the injection solution themselves. This medication also requires a prescription.

Wegovy is another drug that is suitable as an alternative. Like Ozempic, it contains the active ingredient semaglutide, but the dosage is higher and it is only approved for patients who are severely overweight. It is also administered using a pen. Wegovy is also not available over the counter.

Alternatively, severely overweight people can also take Mounjaro with the active ingredient tirzepatide. Like Wegovy, the medication is injected under the skin once a week by the patients themselves using a pre-filled pen.



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