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Slimming Body: 4 Reflections for a Flat Stomach

How do you lose your belly before the beach? The fitness and Slimming Body expert shares his most effective tips.

1/Sport to slim and tone the tummy

A sedentary lifestyle is the sworn enemy of our figure. To ward off the curse and erase a swollen belly, three sessions of sport (fitness, weight training) are essential every week. The aim is to refine the body's core using targeted concepts such as CAF, CX Worx™ and Pilates. As a complement, we also bet on generalist fitness classes that combine cardio effort and muscle strengthening (Bodypump™, Sculpt, TBC). Slimming Body effect guaranteed!

2/Adapted posture to deflate the abdomen

To avoid the dreaded “bulge” effect, the fitness expert sounds the alarm about the right posture to adopt. Be careful not to slouch carelessly in your office chair or on the sofa. This position softens the abdominal belt, makes the stomach protrude and causes lower back pain. Here's a good idea: stand up straight and do the plank every day to strengthen the torso in depth.

3/Three common-sense ways to lose belly fat

When it comes to morphology, some people gain thighs, buttocks or hips, while others see their excess stored directly on the stomach. When this is the case, we logically revise our dietary intake by reducing the number of calories ingested or by reviewing the composition of our plate. In the bathroom, you can opt for Slimming Body creams that are all the more effective when applied in conjunction with a vigorous palpate-and-roll massage. Here's a good idea: adopt this slimming routine every day after a shower or fitness session.

4/Dietary measures to reduce belly fat

No time for lunch? Never mind, the fitness expert recommends a meal break (20 minutes at least) taken in a calm atmosphere to avoid swallowing air that causes bloating. His most valuable advice? Chew carefully to get the most out of your food, and give the feeling of fullness time (15 to 20 minutes) to work its way into your brain. On the plate, while fiber promotes good transit, it also makes the stomach swell. Be careful not to overdo it. The same applies to salt, which promotes water retention.

Last but not least, it's possible to use belly breathing to achieve a flat stomach. Head for a yoga, Body Art or Pilates class to experiment with this breath work.

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