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Stomach Vacuum Exercises: The Technique to Have a Flat Stomach

Updated: Apr 27

Stomach Vacuum Exercises
Stomach Vacuum Exercises

The Stomach Vacuum Exercises is a bodybuilding exercise inspired by Yoga. Its aim is to work the abdominals without injuring yourself. This technique, which everyone praises on the networks, would be able to give you a flat stomach, without requiring too much effort.

True or false ? Let's take a look at this exercise to help you better understand the Stomach Vacuum technique and its benefits on the body.

Everything you need to know about the Stomach Vacuum Exercises

Inspired by Yoga and Pilates, Stomach Vacuum Exercises is an abdominal strengthening technique. This practice has existed for many years, but it was recently brought to light by English bodybuilders who used it to define their silhouette as much as possible.

More recently, YouTubers and sports trainers have highlighted the many benefits of the Stomach Vacuum technique. Indeed, this exercise allows you to strengthen the muscles in depth slowly and gently.

The Stomach Vacuum Exercises technique

Stomach Vacuum is a muscle strengthening technique like any other, more precisely, strengthening the abs in hypopressive contraction mode. The particularity is that it is based on a method of aspiration and breathing, and not of voluntary contraction, hence the feeling of making little effort.

What muscles work during this technique?

The transverse muscle

In reality, when you do the Stomach Vacuum Exercises technique, you work the transverse muscle, a very deep muscle that maintains the abdominal strap. It is this muscle and almost it alone which allows you to finally obtain a real flat stomach.

By making it work, you therefore promote the arrival of a flat stomach from the inside, without seeing the chocolate bars appear from the outside.

The great rights

When you work the abs using classic crunch-type techniques, you work the rectus muscles. These muscles are superficial and form this famous chocolate bar that women find unsightly. Indeed, women generally seek to be thin, slender and not too muscular.

The advantages and benefits of Stomach Vacuum

A gentle exercise

With the Stomach Vacuum Exercisestechnique, you do not traumatize the lower back or the neck. You do not risk tearing or tendinopathy. It is a gentle reinforcement that protects your perineum, which is particularly interesting after pregnancy to gently rework your abs and get back into sport.

Practical to make

The Stomach Vacuum is not a cardio exercise, so it is possible to practice this technique regularly, at any time of the day. It is still preferable to do this exercise provided you are away from a meal to avoid nausea.

You don't even have to put on sports clothes, you can just unbutton your jeans and you don't even have to take a shower afterwards. Plus, you don't need any hardware.

A slimming ally

In fact, the Stomach Vacuum Exercises allows you to strengthen your abdominals in a less tiring and less discouraging way. Finally, by performing the exercise, not only do you strengthen the transverse, you massage the digestive system and promote digestion and limit bloating. It's also a quiet, introverted time that will be beneficial for your mind.

How to exercise properly?

To correctly perform the Stomach Vacuum Exercises, we explain in this part how to do it and the correct actions to practice:

  • lie on your back, legs bent and feet flat;

  • take a deep breath, inflating your rounded belly;

  • slowly empty all your air by contracting the perineum (as if to stop yourself from peeing);

  • tuck your stomach in as much as possible, bringing your stomach up under the ribs, like freedivers, as if you wanted to bring the navel closer to the spine;

  • hold your breathing for a few seconds;

  • inhale again, slowly and gently.

Repeat this series 5 to 10 times. It is important to be calm and concentrated to master the exercise as best as possible and get all the benefits from it. Do not hesitate to watch a video the first time to perform the Stomach Vacuum as best as possible.

The role of diet

Even if the Stomach Vacuum Exercises technique is very effective for having a flat stomach, do not neglect your diet. A well-reinforced transverse, but hidden under a fatty or bloated belly, will not give you the desired effect.

By limiting sugar, which often lodges in the stomach, by limiting refined foods and eliminating foods that can bloat (cruciferous vegetables, wheat, overripe fruits for example) you will achieve your goal of a flat stomach.

By monitoring your diet, drawing on fat with cardio, being regular, integrating this exercise into your routine, yes, this technique works. So, all you have to do is get started.


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