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What is the best blood pressure monitor? Comparison 2024

Before purchasing your blood pressure monitor, you should pay attention to various criteria such as the reliability of the measurements, the readability of the results or even the storage of the data. Connected blood pressure monitor, arm or wrist, we have tested different models in order to offer you a selection of the best blood pressure monitors of the moment.

No new additions to our guide to the best blood pressure monitors in May 2025. However, note that the Sales are just around the corner. The shopping event will start on June 26, 2024 and will last for approximately one month. There will undoubtedly be good deals to be had, including on the blood pressure monitor market. To find all the practical information, go to our article dedicated to the 2024 Summer Sales . If you would like advice on choosing the right blood pressure monitor, do not hesitate to go to the end of the article.

If you suffer from high or low blood pressure, heart problems, or want to monitor your cardiovascular health before a doctor's appointment, using a blood pressure monitor is very useful. Our experts have tested several models and selected the best of them in this comparison of the best blood pressure monitors.

Our top 3 best blood pressure monitors

Before giving you our complete list of the best blood pressure monitors, accompanied by our test results, here are our top 3.

How we tested the blood pressure monitors?

In order to carry out this comparison of the best blood pressure monitors , we identified the best-selling devices on the market, then selected and tested the 10 most promising blood pressure monitors on paper over several days.

To evaluate these blood pressure monitors, we first measured our blood pressure each morning in an empty stomach and at a fixed time in order to obtain reliable, consistent and comparable results .

We also evaluated the presentation of the results, necessary for the proper understanding and interpretation of the measurements . We completed this first testing phase by timing the time needed to calculate each measurement .

We were interested in the general ergonomics of the different devices by checking the quality of the armbands, the quality and readability of the screen and the ease of use .

We then reviewed the options offered by the blood pressure monitors, focusing on the data storage capacity , the type of measurements evaluated as well as the ergonomics of the application when there was one. Finally, we paid attention to the power supply mode and took into account the size of the blood pressure monitors.

Our complete selection of the best blood pressure monitors

If you need additional information and options, below you'll find our complete selection of the best blood pressure monitors.

The best connected blood pressure monitor Withings BPM Connect

The Withings BPM Connect is undoubtedly one of the benchmarks on the market for connected blood pressure monitors. Compact, precise thanks to the oscillometric operating method and comfortable at the cuff level, it is also very simple to use. For example, you will have the possibility of choosing a simple measurement of blood pressure or a triple measurement, more complete including heart rate.

Also worth noting is its small integrated LED screen, which is very readable day and night. The device can register a maximum of 8 users and has unlimited data storage thanks to the Health Mate application (usable via Wifi or Bluetooth).

Although the application is not particularly intuitive, it is complete and compatible with other health and fitness applications, allowing the centralization of data. You can also transfer your data directly to your doctor. Finally, we appreciated its long autonomy ensured by a good capacity rechargeable battery.

The best value for money blood pressure monitor: Beurer BM 55

A benchmark on the blood pressure monitor market, the Beurer BM 55 offers monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate, as well as an overall assessment of mental and physical rest using the oscillometric method.

This model is very ergonomic, in particular thanks to its large, bright and backlit screen offering a clear display. It is also equipped with a color scale placed next to the screen which makes it easier to understand the results obtained. However, we noticed that some keys lacked responsiveness

The best low-cost blood pressure monitor: Omron X2 Basic

More entry-level, the Omron X2 Basic is nonetheless reliable in measurements and easy to use. Compared to more expensive blood pressure monitors, it may have fewer storage options, but it often gave more reliable readings than many of the blood pressure monitors we tested. Using the oscillometric method, it can easily measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as heart rate.

Easy to use thanks to the winding guide on the cuff, the Omron X2 Basic is quite universal, adapting to arms with a circumference of 22 to 32 cm. The LCD screen located on the case is well oriented but in the absence of backlighting, it becomes unreadable in the dark. Finally, the device can only save the last measurement taken and it can only accommodate one user profile.

The best “universal size” blood pressure monitor: Omron X3

The Omron X3 stands out from the competition with its universal size cuff (22 to 42 cm) and its ease of use. Another positive point, its wide cuff offers better contact with the arm to improve measuring and it has a winding guide and a bad position detector.

In addition to measuring blood pressure and heart rate, it also reports possible abnormalities such as hypertension. You can save two profiles on the device, and up to 60 data per user. Although the large LCD screen is very readable, the absence of backlighting makes it impossible to use in the dark. No color coding either in order to facilitate the interpretation of the results obtained. The device is, however, very ergonomic thanks to its distinct and clearly identifiable buttons. Finally, the included cover makes the blood pressure monitor easy to transport.



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