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Yoga clothing: what are the essentials for practising yoga?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, Yoga clothing, what's the ideal outfit for your yoga practice? You've come to the right place! Regular yoga practice has many benefits. In particular, it allows you to let go and refocus on yourself.

To achieve this, it's important to choose the right clothes. Whether you decide to practice at home or in a studio, the first step is to find a yoga outfit that suits your needs and makes you feel good.

Here are some recommendations for finding the right yoga outfit for you!

A good yoga outfit is all about comfort!

Clothes that move with you

To begin your Yoga clothing practice, you'll need comfortable sportswear.

Choose clothes that you're comfortable in, and that allow you to move and breathe easily. The practice of yoga is a moment of reconnection with yourself and your body. Your yoga clothes shouldn't get in the way of this, but rather support your movements.

It should be discreet, light and almost imperceptible. The aim is to let your body express itself and enjoy maximum amplitude. Comfort is essential for the best sensations.

Barefoot yoga

Traditionally, Yoga clothing is practised barefoot to help anchor the body. We recommend that you leave your socks on during your yoga session to avoid slipping on your mat.

For the more modest feet, there are non-slip yoga socks available. However, going barefoot will give you better sensations and a good grip on the ground to maintain postures and gain balance. Barefoot yoga practice is designed to connect you to the earth and anchor you more firmly in your practice.

Your yoga outfit adapts to your practice

The basics to have in your wardrobe

A yoga outfit generally consists of a few essential items of clothing:

A bra (for women): to be chosen according to your morphology for support adapted to your activity;

A t-shirt (optional): ideally in a soft material that wicks away perspiration;

Sports socks: these can be leggings, shorts or loose-fitting pants, preferably in soft, elastic materials.

Depending on the type of yoga

Depending on the season or the type of yoga you practice, you can alternate between different outfits.

For a more dynamic type of yoga, such as Vinyasa, Power or Warrior Yoga or even Hot Yoga, you can simply opt for a bra and shorts or leggings.

For gentler types of yoga, such as Hatha, Yin or Nidra, you can add a T-shirt over your sports bra and slip into leggings, jogging pants or loose-fitting sports pants.

And don't hesitate to keep a sweater or cardigan close at hand to cover up at the beginning and end of practice if you get chilly.

Getting back to basics

Please note that all these options are purely indicative and may vary according to individual preferences. Yoga philosophy teaches us that the most important thing is to be, not to look or to have. So it's not necessary to have the prettiest yoga outfit to practice. The most important thing is your intention.

Materials, colors, patterns: your yoga outfit reflects your personality

A wide choice of yoga clothes to choose from

The range of Yoga clothing on offer has become much more democratic. There's now a wide choice of yoga clothes to suit all tastes and budgets.

When making your choice, opt for soft, breathable fabrics. Choose soft, stretchy technical fabrics that optimize freedom of movement, while wicking away perspiration to keep the body dry throughout yoga practice. Seamless yoga garments are an excellent option for added comfort and a second-skin feel.

Play with codes

Once you've selected the best materials for your yoga outfit, it's time to have some fun with colors and patterns! You can use your yoga outfit to reflect your personality or your mood of the day. There's a vast choice of outfits, from the most sober to the most colorful, plain or printed.

Beyond the technical aspect, choosing a yoga outfit is a way of playing with fashion, expressing your creativity and taking things lightly. The perfect yoga outfit is, above all, one in which you feel fully yourself.



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