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Matte Lipstick to shine at Christmas

Matte Lipstick - For the festive season, opt for light make-up, but put the spotlight on the mouth! Follow our guide for the perfect look.

Should I wear make-up for the holidays?

For Christmas and the festive season, a well-make-up mouth and a successful hairstyle, such as a chignon natte, can make you the queen of the party, without you having to squeeze into a sheath dress or inflict dizzying heels on yourself! So grab your favorite Matte Lipstick, and... follow the guide.

Matte Lipstick tutorial: a question of materials!

You don't need to be a make-up expert to achieve a good mouth make-up result. But, as with any craftsman, you'll need the right materials!

  • Nourishing lip balm.

  • Liquid foundation.

  • Powder.

  • Your favorite Matte Lipstick.

  • A steady hand.

A mouth made up to perfection... requires a competitive smile!

To make sure your smile matches your make-up, remember to brush your teeth... first! Use an electric toothbrush and a toothpaste that will leave your teeth sparkling white.

You can start by gently exfoliating your mouth with a delicate facial scrub, then moisturize your lips with a nourishing lip balm. Leave the balm on while you choose which lipstick to use.

Make-up for the mouth, step-by-step

Christmas lipstick tutorial, step 1: Spread liquid foundation over your mouth, gently, with the pad of your index finger. Use only a small amount of foundation. The important thing here is to prepare a base that will receive the make-up.

Christmas lipstick tutorial, step 2: Next, apply a light veil of powder with a Matte Lipstick brush. This will allow the lipstick to hold well. Take a little powder and tap the brush onto the lips, a small amount at a time, until a thin layer of powder is evenly distributed across the mouth.

Christmas lipstick tutorial, step 3: If you're a beginner and are afraid to go straight for the lipstick tube, you can outline your lips with a lip pencil. It doesn't have to be exactly the same color as the lipstick you've chosen: a shade below is fine. Next, carefully "fill in" these edges, or draw the mouth directly with lipstick. Start with the upper arch, then the lower lip.

Christmas lipstick tutorial, step 4: Press lips together so that the amount of lipstick is the same everywhere. Then blot the excess by gently closing the mouth around a tissue. Apply a second coat of lipstick, in the same way, before again pinching a tissue between your lips to remove the excess, for a matte finish. If you're using a glossy lipstick for your Christmas look, this final step isn't necessary.

3 ways to apply Matte Lipstick: this "classic" method guarantees good hold. You can also dab the lipstick onto the mouth, blending as you go, with your finger, without marking the lip contours too much. This gives a less "color block" effect. You can also play with shades and use two lipstick colors! A darker one for the lower lip, and a slightly lighter one for the upper lip.

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