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Side points during effort

cwith the invaluable help of Dr. Velut, sports doctor, we share with you some tips to avoid side stitches... or make them go away.

A sharp, breath-taking pain that spares no one, not even the pros! Fortunately, with the invaluable help of Dr. Velut, a sports doctor, we share with you a few tips to avoid side points... or make them go away.

What's a side point?

Dr Velut, a sports doctor (and regular jogger) answers: "The side point is this sharp and sudden pain felt under the ribs, often on the right, that appears during physical exertion, in occasional sportsmen·ves mainly, but also sometimes in confirmed sportsmen·ves. Most of the time, the pain disappears at rest, and the activity can be resumed."

What causes a side point during sport?

The different locations of pain

Right side abdomen, left side abdomen, collarbone, stomach, intestines... Pain in the side stitches is not always localized in the same place. And these differences in points are probably due to differences in causes.

-> If the pain is located below the right or left collarbone (or both) or below the ribs, the problem is probably due to high blood pressure and congestion of the spleen and liver.

-> If the pain is localized in the stomach, there is every chance that the stomach has not finished its digestion. It is then filled with air or irritated by eating, and causes a cramp of the diaphragm.

-> If the pain occurs in the intestines, it is most likely related to the paralysis of the digestive tract.

Is it a bad point?

No, rest assured, most of the time, the side stitches are mild pains that do not reveal any health concern whatsoever.

"Nevertheless, you have to know the difference between a side point and the symptom of a more annoying problem such as diarrhea, or even more serious such as appendicitis, peritonitis or even myocardial infarction," says Dr. Velut.

So if the abdominal pain persists and becomes more and more intense, or if a side spot appears with the slightest physical exertion or even at rest, consult a doctor immediately.

How do I remove a persistent side point?

A pain in the abdomen, the appearance of a weight in the abdomen or the chest, the breath is almost cut off... No doubt, the side point is indeed there.

Dr. Velut advises you to:

- Slow down the pace to calm the heart rate and thus the blood flow and the demand for oxygen,

- Stretch your chest and diaphragm by leaning to the left, arms in the air and backwards,

- Breathe slowly, deeply and steadily, consciously, by swelling your belly and exhaling through your mouth.

"Even if it's not a miracle cure, the pain should go away very quickly!"

How do you avoid having a side point?

"Favoring factors are above all stress, cold, undertraining, poor breathing technique, meals that are too large and too close to exercise. So in prevention, I advise you to apply a few simple rules, to get you in shape" :

Before physical exertion

-> Warm up before effort

Remember to warm up to avoid cold starts that are often too brutal for the body.

-> Wait for the end of your digestion

Start your activity at least 3 hours after eating to avoid diaphragm cramps.

-> Warm up your diaphragm

Reverse the natural breathing process by inhale deeply through the mouth and retracting the abdomen, then inflating the abdomen while exhaling.

During physical exertion

-> Start gradually

Leave slowly and accelerate little by little, to gradually increase your heart rate, and therefore blood circulation and body temperature.

-> Breathe calmly and regularly

Stay focused on your breathing so that it is as long as possible, as deep and as calm as possible. Yoga can help you learn to breathe properly if you are having difficulty.



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