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The Best Exercises to Strengthen Your GlutesStrengthen Your GlutesStrengthen Your Glutes?

Want to discover the secrets of a well-muscled buttocks? This article is for you! Together, we'll explore the muscles that make up the buttocks and their crucial role in our posture and daily movements. Get ready to learn how to Strengthen Your Glutes them effectively for a shapely, toned booty. Let's get down to some practical tips and tricks!

What muscles make up the gluteus maximus?

The main muscles are: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is one of the most powerful muscles in the human body! All the muscles of the gluteus maximus are attached to the pelvis and allow the body to have good posture.

  • The gluteus maximus (or gluteus maximus): this is the strongest and most voluminous muscle in the body.

  • The gluteus medius (or gluteus medius): you'll find it under the gluteus maximus, on the lateral side of each thigh.

  • The lesser gluteus maximus (or lesser gluteal): is located deep down. It is, as its name suggests weaker and more discreet.

Coach's advice: as for the tensor fascia lata muscle, it's on the side of the thigh, on the top of your leg.

What are the roles of the different gluteal muscles?

You use your gluteal muscles every day when you're on the move (walking, running, etc...), and even when you sit down and stand up!

  • Coach's advice: Anatomically speaking, the gluteus maximus is an extensor of your hips, i.e. it will enable you to unfold your leg. As all the gluteal muscles are linked to the pelvis, they're going to be involved in retroversion and anteversion of the pelvis. They also enable you to open or close the hips (via internal or external rotation).



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