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How to work your hamstrings at the gym? What exercises to strengthen your hamstrings?

Here are the exercises on a machine (or with equipment) to do as a priority (beginner level):

Hip Thrust (4 x 15 repetitions): lying on the ground, raise your pelvis.

Leg Curl (4 x 15 repetitions): either you are in a seated position or you are on your stomach, it depends on the machine used.

Bar (or dumbbells) deadlift with straight legs (4 x 15 repetitions): take the bar by placing it in front of you, keeping your back straight and your legs almost straight. Then, you will perform a hip flexion. Good morning (with bar) : same exercise as above except that you place the bar on your trapezius (behind the shoulders).

Coach's advice: If you have an “intermediate” level: do fewer repetitions but with heavier loads! You can also isolate one leg to accentuat…

Comparison Between Pilates and Yoga for Weight Loss

Both pilates and yoga have their pros and cons when it comes to weight loss. They are similar in that they can both help burn calories, improve flexibility and muscle tone, and reduce stress.

However, there are also differences. For example, pilates may be better for those looking to improve their strength and posture, while yoga might be a better choice for those looking to improve their flexibility and reduce stress.

Ultimately, choosing between pilates and yoga for weight loss will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some may find that pilates is more to their liking, while others may prefer yoga.

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Diabetes is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, that is to say an excess of sugar in the blood and therefore a glucose level (blood sugar) that is too high. Discover in this Diabetes Community everything there is to know about type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent): causes, symptoms, treatments, risk factors, screening...

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    Diabetes is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, that is ...
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