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How to work your hamstrings at the gym? What exercises to strengthen your hamstrings?

Here are the exercises on a machine (or with equipment) to do as a priority (beginner level):

Hip Thrust (4 x 15 repetitions): lying on the ground, raise your pelvis.

Leg Curl (4 x 15 repetitions): either you are in a seated position or you are on your stomach, it depends on the machine used.

Bar (or dumbbells) deadlift with straight legs (4 x 15 repetitions): take the bar by placing it in front of you, keeping your back straight and your legs almost straight. Then, you will perform a hip flexion. Good morning (with bar) : same exercise as above except that you place the bar on your trapezius (behind the shoulders).

Coach's advice: If you have an “intermediate” level: do fewer repetitions but with heavier loads! You can also isolate one leg to accentuate the work on it!

Coach's advice: If you have an “expert” level: You can also isolate one leg to accentuate the work on it!

And here are the exercises you can do on the floor on a mat:

Superman (engaging legs)

Pelvic raise with Swiss ball or elastic: place your feet on the Swiss ball, back to the ground, then raise your pelvis. The Swiss ball will create instability and will work your hamstrings more.

Squat (a classic but you can vary it with front-squats or back-squats ).

Coach's tip: You can integrate these exercises into your training to vary your routine.

Coach's advice: When doing the leg curl, lying down or on a machine, control the release in order to work on your “eccentric” movements.


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