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Is doing yoga with back pain 'good'?

Good evening, I have back problems which are really handicapping me and I can't stay like that!

I did an MRI which showed nothing significant (a few discs 'protruding') and my rheumatologist told me that I have muscular and spinal problems.

I actually have intercostal neuralgia, especially a painful spot at the top of my back on the right, but I also have pain in my neck, my back, and sciatica that comes and goes!!

It must be said that at 48 years old I have never done any sport and that I am completely rusty!!

My rheumatologist told me that I had to do rehabilitation with a physiotherapist but I haven't started yet because I'm in too much pain (I'm taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories) and what's more, I don't know who to see because a physiotherapy can wreak havoc if it is not good!

Otherwise I read that yoga was good for the back but can you do it when you have pain?

Before starting yoga (or stretching perhaps??) Do I need to see a physiotherapist??

My rheumatoid didn't really give me any advice and I had seen one before who was worse than bad..

(Besides, if you know a good rheumatologist in Paris it would be nice to give me their contact details!)

Also good that I'm in Paris where there are many yoga clubs, I didn't know it was so expensive and I can't, I'm on sick leave.

So I thought about yoga initiation DVDs to do it slowly at home.

What do you think ??

Thank you for your answers !

Unknown member
Apr 24

Besides, whether it's yoga or something else (like stretching), I suppose that unfortunately I have to be careful and not do any thing alone



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