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Contraindications linked to general health

  1. Muscle weakness and lack of physical condition: Pilates requires a certain basic muscular strength. Those who have significant muscle weakness or are in poor physical condition may struggle to perform movements correctly, which can increase the risk of injury.

  2. Overweight and obesity: People who are overweight or obese may find certain Pilates positions uncomfortable or difficult to perform. Additionally, being overweight can put additional strain on joints when performing movements, increasing the risk of injury.

Take care of your body and yourself

“Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there”

''Indian Proverb""

The body is one of the most precise instruments there is. It has around 300 joints and 700 muscles. If we spread the nervous system, it would go from Bombay to London. The lungs are as wide as a tennis court, and provide 2.5l of oxygen to the blood. The heart beats rhythmically 70 times per minute and pumps about 5 liters of blood per minute. These figures are enough to realize that we must be vigilant in the way we maintain the body to maintain health.

Hello girls,

I'm 38 years old, 3 children and 30 kilos overweight!

I am determined to lose everything that stops me from living fully!!

Who is embarking on the adventure with me?

For your information, here are the good resolutions I want to stick to: I eat 3 meals + snacks if necessary. I eat everything in reasonable quantities. I limit fat in cooking and seasonings (I use it but in reasonable quantities!). I walk a lot but I don't do too much sport at the moment. I'm focusing on my diet and when I feel more able to move, I'll start doing it. I'm starting at 91kg.

Have a nice day and good luck to everyone. Together we will be stronger!

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26 avr.

Thanks for sharing your resolutions with me! It sounds like you have a well-thought-out plan for improving your health. Eating three meals a day with snacks if needed is a great way to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Moderation is key when it comes to food, and it's fantastic that you're focusing on eating everything in reasonable quantities. Limiting fat in cooking and seasoning is a smart choice for overall wellness.


Is doing yoga with back pain 'good'?

Good evening, I have back problems which are really handicapping me and I can't stay like that!

I did an MRI which showed nothing significant (a few discs 'protruding') and my rheumatologist told me that I have muscular and spinal problems.

I actually have intercostal neuralgia, especially a painful spot at the top of my back on the right, but I also have pain in my neck, my back, and sciatica that comes and goes!!

It must be said that at 48 years old I have never done any sport and that I am completely rusty!!

My rheumatologist told me that I had to do rehabilitation with a physiotherapist but I haven't started yet because I'm in too much pain (I'm taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories) and what's more, I don't know who to see because a physiotherapy can wreak havoc if it is…

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24 avr.

Besides, whether it's yoga or something else (like stretching), I suppose that unfortunately I have to be careful and not do any thing alone



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